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Slim180 Silhouette ThyroCap

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Part Number:DA-AS-Silhoue-ThyroCap-001

Slim180 Silhouette ThyroCap enhances inch loss.

Our Silhouette ThyroCap enhances inch loss through a unique combination of ingredients designed to provide complete dietary support, break down stored body fat, support healthy thyroid function and remove excess wastes from the body. Inch loss with this product is significantly greater than inch loss experienced through diet alone.

Each ThryroCap capsule contains a carefully proportioned selection of compounds that work together to rid your body of excess inches and the nutrients in ThyroCap come from natural sources.  As you lose weight on your plan, ThyroCap provides a blend of compounds that work synergistically to trim inches from your overall body dimensions.  You’ll see results not just on your bathroom scale but with your measuring tape as well.

  • Kelp- seaweed that the body utilizes to create hormones that regulate your metabolism. This is great for inch loss.
  • Lecithin- helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Blue green algae-helps with stress
  • Bromelain-breaks down fat quickly.

Each bottle contains 180 Capsules

Take 2 capsules before each meal for hormone health and inch loss. Maximum, six per day.

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